Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Is There Guaranteed SEO ?

We live in a world of skepticism. Oversupply and lack of trained staff really makes you question our own shadow. This reality is not at all different in the world of SEO.

A high percentage of companies that will hire us to do the positioning of their websites, require assurance that we will put in the first position of Google. In part, the situation is aggravated when other SEO companies, say "dishonest", offering all kinds of impossible guarantees to captivate only the most gullible. In fact some charge for positions ("X" amount for the first position of Google, "Y" amount for the second, etc...)

I regret to report that the situation is not as pretty as some paint.

In SEO there are no guarantees...

I will explain why: our job is to ensure that the websites of our clients meet all domestic requirements for Google and other search engines, considered for the top spots. At the same time, we create an SEO campaign "off page", increasing the popularity and recommendation thereof by other pages (Link Building).

We do this to please the all-mighty Google and put us in the top positions.

But what happens when Google decides that other sites deserve to be in a better position than our customers? Perhaps because these other sites have much more time on the market that the customer or because they have an SEO budget much higher than that our customers are willing to pay? In the end it is Google who has the last word, not us.

Making a comparison with the real world, SEO is like asking jimmy, which speaks well of his friend Carlos Laura for her to consider as a good match. What guarantees can give Juan Carlos to Laura want, at least, go out with him? No.... Only you can guarantee that Laura will speak highly of Carlos, but without promising anything. In this case John is all we do SEO, Carlos are the websites of our customers and Laura is Google.

We do our work by following all the tips and guidelines that Google itself recommends Webmasters, but cannot guarantee that we will have a 100% effective and 100% manage to position the pages in the first position in Google and in less than 30 days. Some sites take weeks, others take months and others, Google just do not feel like it!

The only cases where we have failed so far in our company have been to sites that Google has penalized some time (before we did the positioning them) and when we have had to optimize it, there is much we can do because the damage has been caused. When Google says "NO" is NO.
The same applies to the Link Building Service. Generate backlinks in hundreds of pages, including a report in excel deliver each and every one of the websites that contain links contracted, but cannot guarantee that the owners of those pages will not delete the links at some point (in those cases profiles we are talking about 2.0).

All we can guarantee is that our work is done with professionalism, knowledge and experience. The results are, in most cases that our customers expect. Only difficult promised before doing so.

How long will it take? Is impossible to predict. Will we achieve the very first place in Google? It is impossible to guarantee it. Will we do everything possible, everything in our knowledge and experience, to place our client’s websites at the top of Google? You bet!

Monday, 30 January 2012

SEO Expert Ravinder

Hi, I' am Ravinder Kumar an SEO Expert from Ambala, India providing professional SEO Services and all kinds of online marketing to ensure increased traffic and sales and I also helps to small businesses to improve their ranking on search engines. I only believe in quality relevant SEO services that can boost any business into the top search results.

Although I personally believe to be "expert" does not necessarily know everything about a certain subject, I do believe that in order to become an accomplished performer on any technique, art or discipline requires the inevitable combination of "Knowing" + "Knowing Apply".

The theme of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or, in the Castilian translation "SEO"Is a large topic and full of small details, many of them" alleged "and not" asserted "that the truth makes this technique more like a game than a science.
This page will apply to many SEO techniques "monitoring" as an experiment, the effectiveness or irrelevance of the same.